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We strive for perfection. Here are some comments from a recent Warehouse and Distribution Center Food Safety, Sanitation and Quality Audit

Warehouse and Shipping Management- Excellent

Warehouse conditions must be maintained in a manner to assure product integrity. Finished product and packaging materials must be held separated and away from chemicals. Product not "cleared" for shipment must be clearly identified and stored in a location where it is not likely to be shipped in error.

This is an excellent facility that is immaculately maintained with solid warehouse and shipping procedures in place.

Storage Facility and Dock Maintenance- Excellent

Warehouse storage areas must be clean and orderly and have adequate space around the periphery for access, inspection and cleaning. Items must be stored off the floor, floors and walls must be in good condition and emergency doors must be tight fitting. Shipping docks, dock plates and levelers must be clean and kept orderly.

The dock and dry storage area were perfect. Not so much as a scrap of wood, or stretch wrap, or cardboard could be found anywhere. The storage freezer was the most perfect this auditor has ever seen. No ice or frost build up on units, floor, walls or curtains. This was probably due to a good refrigerated dock that eliminates hot, humid air from entering the freezer.

Operational Housekeeping and Monitoring- Excellent

All areas of the plant must be kept clean, orderly and free from accumulation of litter. Garbage, trash and waste materials must be accumulated in identified containers and disposed of properly. Floor drains must be kept clean, odor free and covered. No tool storage or materials on top of equipment, electrical boxes or window ledges.

Operational housekeeping at the time of the audit was literally perfect, inside and outside the facility. Not a piece of wood, paper, plastic, trash of any kind, or debris was found anywhere. The frozen storage area was the best this auditor has had the privilege to observe.

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